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About us admin February 6, 2020
About Content Connect Africa

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Content Connect Africa (CCA) is a leading independent media and content business. With years of experience in the African entertainment industry, CCA has established itself as a trusted content aggregator and provider across the continent and beyond.

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CEO's Notes

At CCA we believe in giving African artist the support they need to flourish regionally, continentally and internationally through our growing and vast strategic partnerships uplifting African voices through collaboration.

Content Connect Africa: Empowering Artists, Connecting Audiences

Our focus is on delivering content to digital platforms, mobile operators and third-party clients throughout Africa. These partnerships have further strengthened our position as a distributor, reliable creator and provider of highly desirable African and international products and services, including music, entertainment, mobile television and game content.

But we’re more than just a content provider. We’re a company that understands the unique nature of the African market and is committed to bridging the digital divide. Our services go beyond distribution, marketing, and publishing. We offer specialised services such as sync clearances, as well as educational workshops aimed at empowering composers and authors to protect their copyrights and explore new revenue opportunities.

Join the movement, to celebrate African music – let the melodies of the continent inspire you!

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